Silka is a product designer creating the future through mindful design.


Launching a toys-to-life game for Jumo

Silka worked with the team at Kenwood Experiences to launch Jumo's first toys-to-life game through many di
gital media touch points. Silka designed and built their first responsive site connecting with Amazon.

A new product for Framestore VR Labs

Designed first in house commercial product. Workshopped product direction, user flow, and iterative design process together with FX artists & development team delivering a compelling VR experience to grow their business.

Bringing Mixed Reality & VR to Samsung

Lead the design team at Samsung’s innovation group to explore productization of Mixed Reality & VR. 

Designed software & hardware prototypes for multiple wearable form factors, receiving positive user testing response. 

Developing innovative and subtle input techniques we moved focusing on consumer use-cases useful in VR & Mixed Reality.

Founding Dekko. Inventing Mixed Reality.

Dekko is one of the only teams (apart from Hololens recently) who have invented, built and user-tested in the real world, true Mixed Reality products.

As VP of Product Design Silka provided design and product market fit leadership to our team of 10, consisting with game designers, animators, industrial designers, artists, world renowned Computer Vision Post-Docs, PhD’s and leadership.